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*COVID-19 Update* 2020/05/21-29 Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》課程時間表 Schedule

PRTSiA Course Schedules 課程時間表

*COVID-19 Update* 2020/05/21-29 Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》課程時間表 Schedule

2020/05/20 Update:
Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul” will start on Thursday, May 21 8pm Taipei time. May this course be a blessing to Christ’s church. Please keep us in your prayers. Here is the updated schedule:
There will be six three-hour (night) lectures AND one two-hour (morning) class discussion:
Course lectures: 5/21-22, 25-28; 8-11 PM Taipei Time,
Class Discussion: 5/29 8:30-10:30 AM Taipei Time.
Total classroom hours: 20


2020/04/08 Update: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Waters’ class has been moved online. The course schedule has been changed as follows (all are evening classes Taipei time):

Due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by COVID-19, we are extending the registering period for this course to 2020/05/18. Please contact us if you would like to take the course for credit or audit. 

Course schedule for Dr. Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》

5/21-22 Thursday & Friday 8-11pm lectures

5/25-29 Monday-Friday, 8-11pm lectures

TBA: Public lecture “N.T. Wright and Justification 賴特與稱義” 

*Public lectures are part of PRTSiA courses.