PRTS in Asia 六月密集課

【預表論】Typology, ThM in BS
日期:June 7-11, 14-17 , 2021
時間:8:30AM-12:00 PM
溥偉恩博士 Dr. Vern Poythress 授課
The course considers the nature of typology, its relation to analogy and prophecy, and guidelines for discerning and interpreting texts with a typological dimension. It includes the examination of sample texts with typology in them.


*COVID-19 Update* 2020/05/21-29 Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》課程時間表 Schedule

2020/05/20 Update:   Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul” will start on Thursday, May 21 8pm Taipei time. May this course be a blessing to Christ’s church. Please keep us in your prayers. Here is the updated schedule:   There will be six three-hour (night) lectures AND one two-hour (morning) Read more…

*COVID-19 Update: Moving to Zoom* 2020/05/25-29 Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》課程簡介

2020/03/24 Update: Due to COVID-19, Dr. Waters’ “Justification in Paul” is moving online! This course will be taught via Zoom, with more details to follow. COVID-19 presents us with unprecedented challenges, and forces us to consider alternative means to achieve the goal of providing quality Th.M. education to students in Asia. While we acknowledge that the intimacy of onsite teacher-student interactions will be sorely missed, we also pray that the Lord will use online instruction to reach people who might not otherwise attend PRTSiA courses in Taipei. Let this unforeseen change forced upon us be a blessing to students yet!

2020/05/25-29 Dr. Guy Waters’ “Justification in Paul”《保羅稱義觀》課程簡介. Course Description (excerpted from course syllabus)

Course Purpose

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the teaching of the apostle Paul about justification. This course will set that teaching within the broader context of Paul’s theology, anthropology, Christology, and soteriology; and within the context of Paul’s understanding of redemptive-history.

Course Description

This course will explore the primary passages in Paul’s correspondence relating to the doctrine of justification, with concentration upon his epistles to the Romans and to the Galatians. This course will reflect upon these passages in light of developments in the recent interpretation of Paul. (more…)

**POSTPONED** Dr. Vern Poythress 溥偉恩博士 “Biblical Typology”《聖經預表》課程簡介 Course Description

2020/03/20 Update: Due to COVID-19, this course has been postponed until further notice. We are hoping to offer this course later in 2020 when Dr. Poythress will be able to travel to Taipei. Dr. Poythress prefers to teach the course in person rather than via Zoom to maintain teacher-student interactions. Please check back for updates. 

2020/06/1-10 Dr. Vern Poythress’ “Biblical Typology”《聖經預表》課程簡介 Course Description (excerpted from course syllabus) and tentative schedule for PRTS in Asia 2020 June “Biblical Typology” course:

Course Purpose

To grow in understanding typological and analogical meaning relations belonging to biblical texts. The focus will be primarily on Old Testament typology, but with some attention to typology in the miracles of Jesus.

At the conclusion of the course, students should have advanced according to the course objectives described below.

Course Description


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