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How to get to PRTS in Asia?

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How to get to PRTS in Asia?

Hello. So you want to get to PRTS in Asia…

  1. From Taoyuan International Airport, it’s probably easiest to take the new rapid transit line into Taipei: (see below about EasyCard).
  2. From Taipei Main Station, take the Red Line one stop north to Zhongshan 中山 station.
  3. From Zhongshan Station take the Green Line three stops east to Taipei Arena 台北小巨蛋 station. Take Exit 3, the one with the escalator (I assume you have luggage).
  4. Once you get on the street, use Google Map: and walk 5 min. to PRTSiA @ CRTS

  • For getting around, you should get an EasyCard at the MRT station. You buy one with an NT100 deposit and input cash as needs be (I’d recommend putting in about Nt500 for getting around the first few days). EasyCard can be used on MRT, buses, even for convenient store purchases. You should also download an app for MRT, like this (there are others):
  • I’d recommend getting an SIM card upon arrival. You can get one at the airport. Like this:
  • For cash, the easiest way (with better rate) is to use an ATM card enabled for international transactions. ATM machines are plentiful. Money exchangers at the airport usually yield poor rates.
Google map to PRTS in Asia @ CRTS: